What is the Sacramento County Infill Development Program?

Sacramento County has long recognized the need for infill in its developed areas, as a means to create more livable and walkable neighborhoods, support public and active forms of transportation, and to preserve undeveloped lands. Sacramento County was awarded a State grant to fund the development of programs and policies that accelerate housing production. A portion of the grant funding is being used to update the County’s existing Infill Program that was established by the Board of Supervisors in 2008.

What is Infill?

“Infill” refers to the construction or redevelopment of buildings on vacant or underutilized lands such as underused parking lots or commercial spaces, located within an existing urban area. Through infill development, communities can create and expand existing local destinations by reactivating areas to better align with the community’s needs. Infill development is an alternative to urban sprawl, which expands development into undeveloped land outside of urbanized areas.

Project History

In 2008, the County Board of Supervisors adopted an Infill Program and a set of Infill Principles that focus on key, quality infill projects in the unincorporated County that are consistent with community values and also enhance existing communities. Unfortunately, work on developing a more detailed and robust program has since lagged, due to the Great Recession, a shift in project priority, and the Covid-19 pandemic.


However, the County was recently awarded State funds through the Local Early Action Planning (LEAP) Grant to update the 2008 Infill Program in an effort to encourage infill development in the County, plan for equitable development, and accelerate the production of housing. As part of this work, the County will also explore how to promote infill development through the General Plan, Community Plans, Commercial Corridor Plans, and the Zoning Code.