Potential Benefits of Infill Development

Through maximizing the use of existing utility and transportation infrastructure and promoting higher density, Infill Development seeks to achieve the following goals:

Locate housing near jobs, transit, and services

Support a mix of housing options for all income levels

Foster distinctive and attractive communities with a sense of place

Enhance cultural and economic vibrancy and the perception of safety

Facilitate healthy and environmentally friendly active transportation (e.g., biking and walking)

Improve regional air quality by reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and vehicles miles traveled (VMT)

Help protect agricultural land, sensitive habitat, and open space from being converted to new development

Reduce costs to build and maintain expensive infrastructure

Reduce storm-water runoff, flooding, and pollution of waterways

Project Timeline

The graphic above shows the full timeline and milestones for the Infill Program Update. The Program update is expected to take approximately one year to complete. Currently, the project team is focused on identifying existing corridors and potential infill sites based on past County efforts and an analysis of existing vacant or underutilized sites. During the upcoming community engagement phase, the project team will work in collaboration with Sacramento County staff, stakeholders, and community members to identify quality infill locations that reflect the vision and goals of the community, gather feedback, and gauge community priorities.